Feeling good – week off with kids, Brighton Pride and a holiday coming up

I’m feeling good. I had a week off with the kids a couple of weeks ago and I loved it.

On Monday we went ice skating. On Tuesday we stayed in as my currency was being delivered. So we stayed in and did plasticine modelling. Wednesday I took them to the cinema to see the BFG – brilliant film. Thursday my friend Mike and I took them for a long walk (the kids rode their bikes) in Virginia Waters. Friday we had a much-deserved chill day at home as we were tired from the long walk (6 miles). Saturday morning their dad came to pick them up and I headed off to Brighton Pride with my friend Emma. What a brilliant weekend. I went back to work on Monday refreshed and knowing that I only had two more weeks and I would be off to Turkey on holiday for two weeks.

Here are some pictures from the weekend off and Pride (some may be repeated in my last post but nevermind):



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