Re-referral to Community Mental Health

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Today I had my telephone conversation with a Talk Plus person (actually turned out to be the lady I saw before which was good as it meant that I didn’t have to re-go over everything). 

We talked over everything that has been going on lately. And her conclusion was that rather than having more Talk Plus therapy sessions, it would be prudent for me to be referred back to the CMHT and the psychologist as some of the things I told her indicated bipolar tendencies. She said I’m obviously coping very well but do need some help. 

I am pleased with this result. It is good to be taken seriously although it does feel a bit like I’ve been going backwards. But I know I have to quash those feelings. I’ve had a lot to deal with in the past few months/weeks. A row with my ex on Sunday didn’t help matters I have to say. Just as I was feeling like if turned a corner. But I think I have to accept that things aren’t as linear and simple as “being over” something. Life is up and down. And so are my emotions. 

I’ll keep you updated. 

4 Thoughts on “Re-referral to Community Mental Health

  1. Big higs honey. Try not to think of it as a backward step. I look at my anxiety as a lifelong condition. I don’t expect to ever be completely better but I’m ok with that. I will manage it and medicate it for ever, as long as I’m well, I don’t care. I am better and I am over it but I know that if I stop taking care of myself, I could relapse and that’s just not an option.
    Go easy on yourself x

    • Thanks Hannah, I do struggle a bit with the idea that I could be on these for life. But if that’s what I need to live as normal a life as possible, that is what I’ll do. Hope u r ok too xxxxx

  2. Mandy on June 9, 2016 at 21:45 said:

    Bless you .
    Love your observation about life not being linear – so apt .

    And life is challenging – I try to see all the challenges as just junctions along the motorway – some we will gleefully drive past ; others require a pit stop . And just like the motorway – we never go backwards ( well hopefully ! And with my standard of driving there is every risk it might just happen!)

    Hang in there .

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