Need to be kinder to myself

I’m just sitting here having devoured half a box of chocolates at my desk. I’ve got all the usual thoughts going through my mind which have replaced the thoughts I was having while I was buying and eating the chocolates (“I need these”, “I’ve been having a hard time, I deserve a treat”). The new thoughts are along the lines of: “You will get fat again”, “You are so weak for needing and giving into this craving” and that kind of thing. 

Why am I so mean to myself? I wouldn’t dream of saying these things to someone else in a similar situation to me who was clearly struggling and had decided to treat themselves to some nice chockies. 

Ok so I’ve not been the best at doing weight watchers lately or eating healthily. Sometimes it’s just not possible. I’ve had a lot on my mind and it’s time I gave myself a break. 

So I am announcing (to myself mostly) that I am giving myself until my birthday off from weight watchers and counting and the like. I’ll try to eat healthily when I can but my mind is just not on it. Maybe when I’m better I will Find a way to get fit. Once I’m used to not smoking anymore (it’s been 6 days now by the way so I’m doing good at that). 

One Thought on “Need to be kinder to myself

  1. You’re doing so well with the not smoking. Giving yourself a bit of leeway with the food is a really good idea – you don’t need the added pressure of controlling every bit of your life. I’m so proud of the way you’re dealing with everything. One step at a time <3

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