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I know a lot of people will see this and think…. dodgy. I did too. But I researched it, tried it and it really works. I’ve made £200 in about a week and a half. And I could have got more but the first few ones that I did, I did when I was tired and wasn’t concentrating enough. Profit Accumulator (see below) is great but you have to follow the instructions TO THE LETTER. If you do that, you can’t go wrong!!!

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Money Shed Member Chammy has written about how Matched Betting has changed her life:

When I heard the term “Matched Betting” over on The Money Shed I did my best to avoid the entire thread, even though I saw loads of members doing really well with it. I thought it wouldn’t be of interest to me as I’d never placed a bet in my life and the closest I got to gambling was a few games of bingo when I was 18 years old and a lottery ticket here and there. I didn’t have a clue about odds or what they actually meant, or that you could bet on anything other than whether a football match would win/lose/draw. I was absolutely clueless so just by having the term “betting” in the name was enough for me to assume that it wouldn’t be for me. Well, that was until I gave in and took the time to read the Matched Betting thread over on The Money Shed. I chatted to the others  members who were doing it and established that is wasn’t what I thought it would be and little did I know that it would make a huge difference to my life.

If you’ve not heard of matched betting or have and like me, made the silly assumption that you’d just be sat there hoping the horse you bet on placed so you actually won some money, then please take a few moments to actually read up about it. Matched betting isn’t gambling in the sense of placing a bet with the chance of losing the money you used. You place a bet with a bookmaker and then place another bet with what is called an exchange, this second bet is AGAINST the result of the first bet.


Bet 1: Manchester Utd WIN

Bet 2 (aka the lay bet): Manchester Utd DON’T WIN

This means that the bets cancel each other out so you technically don’t win or lose. The profit is then made by the free sign up bet the bookies will offer you, so you repeat the process and end up with profit.

It’s a RISK-FREE, TAX-FREE and COMPLETELY LEGAL way of earning some serious cash and all you need is a tiny £60 to get you started, you won’t need more than that. If you can afford to have a larger starting pot then it would be to your advantage but you do not need to add any more of your own money once you start.

You take that £60 and head to a site called Profit Accumulator – this site is the place to be and offer a free trial so you can have a go before taking that leap. Profit Accumulator will hold your hand every step of the way with information, step-by-step guides, videos and a forum (Platinum) which covers everything you need to know. You will be given the first two offers to have a go at, again you are told and shown exactly what you need to do, and you will walk away with up to £45 in profit.

So you’ve had a go at the free trial, what now? You could take that £45 and run but I recommend you take £22.99 of that profit and invest it into your first monthly subscription to Profit Accumulator (or £150 annual if you fancy saving some money). The Platinum subscription opens up all the other beginner offers which will see you comfortably build your balance, after those offers comes the more advanced offers which will see bigger profits; all of this while still receiving information and training to help you along the way. But don’t the sign up offers dry up? While you will eventually run out of sign-up offers, Profit Accumulator will take all the hard work out of finding offers for you (known as reloads) which will ensure that you always have something to do – this is on top of personal emails and/or texts you will receive offering you bonuses and freebies.

Profit Accumulator ensures that you will get the most out of matched betting and the offers that are available, maximising your profit and minimising the amount of time you will have to spend placing the offers. If that doesn’t convince you then head over to The Money Shed where there is a dedicated forum thread to matched betting and you will see its members bringing in anything up to £2000 a month with an average of £500-£1000 being made, certainly nothing to ignore.

Even after 5 months doing this, I still don’t understand odds, I’ll never fully get my head around all the jargon and technical side of things but luckily I don’t have to – this way of earning is perfect for even the most novice of bet-makers, just like me, while giving plenty of challenging stuff for those who are more experienced; such as casino and slot offers (some come with a small risk but aren’t necessary to earn).

So far I’ve personally managed to book and pay for a holiday for this year (first one in over 5 years), Christmas was a breeze without having to dip into the household income, we’ve just bought a new car which has given me a very happy husband and I now have plans to redecorate the house and rip out the garden – all paid for by my matched betting funds. This way of earning has seriously changed my life for the better, I was looking at years of saving every extra penny to accomplish all of these plans – with the holiday being the last on the list. Now I’m looking at all the necessary plans being done this year so I can then concentrate on planning more of the fun stuff – next Christmas, another holiday, university fund for my son etc.

Don’t just take my word for it though, have a read through The Money Shed forum, give the free trial on Profit Accumulator a go or do some more research – just don’t ignore this fantastic opportunity, you might end up kicking yourself.

7 Thoughts on “Matched Betting – guest post from the Money Shed

  1. Well done 🙂 I love having a target… mine’s the honeymoon fund for next year, good luck!

  2. Thank you so much for having me 🙂 My eyes have really been opened to a completely different way to earn money thanks to Jon and The Money Shed – my only regret is that I didn’t start it sooner.

  3. katykicker on February 5, 2016 at 20:56 said:

    Matched betting is a fantastic way to make some extra money! Who doesn’t love to make cash while getting one over on the greedy bookies? Great post!

  4. Kelly on February 6, 2016 at 09:14 said:

    I was also skeptical of the Matched betting scene – but for a free sign up to Profit accumulator where you get to practice two bets, I thought why not?

    When I saw how easy it was (and that it is not a scam) I took the plunge and got a full membership and never looked back! In the first 6 days of February alone I have made just over £200 for a few hours “work”

  5. I had the same sceptism when I first started but have since used matched betting to pay for a house deposit and 4 months of travel with my young family. I’d highly recommend it to people who want a flexible ‘job’ working from home and the discipline to now start gambling

  6. just like Kelly i joined Profit Accumulator recently. Free bet bonus bagging has been the way for me to make some extra income. I’ve been using Profit Accumulator over 2 weeks and have make £790 profit, not bad only being able to commit much time with my full time job. It’s worth committing the time to the strategy I learned by this full tutorial: Wish all the fellow matched bettors luck!! e

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