Forever Living Online Launch Party – January 28th #ForeverLiving

So the Forever Living is going great-guns. I had my party last night and it went really really well. I was so pleased.

I’ve decided to get another launch party in before the end of January. Being an online launch party you can attend it from wherever you are. You can even attend in your PJs. Being right before the end of the month you can expect to get some great deals on lots of products.

Here is the link to the Facebook Event Page. Please feel free to join – you don’t need an invite. How it will work is that when its time for the event to start, simple go on the event page and keep an eye on the newsfeed (it may update automatically or you may have to keep refreshing the page) as I will be updating it as if I was speaking to you in person.

The event is on Thursday 28th January from 8pm until 10pm.

Please do come and attend. Also if you haven’t already liked my Facebook Page, please do pop across and give me a “like” – I would so appreciate it!

I may well try a Twitter launch too – maybe in February. Will keep you posted on this.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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