I promised myself I would write a post a day. So here I am.

I’ve just got the kids into bed. I’m patting myself on the back as overall we had a pretty good day – including a visit to the park and watching a movie in the afternoon. I have got the kids to tidy up all their Lego every day and today was no exception. Although Lala scared the cat and he knocked over some of Joshua’s creations so I let him off tidying the Lego and me and Lala did it while he built up his creations again. I thought that was only fair. Then I was going to let them both watch a bit more TV before bedtime but they started mucking about badly and after a couple of warnings, and them both ignoring me I had had enough so I turned the TV off and told them it was time to start getting ready for bed. This prompted Joshua into a pretty big crying fit but I wasn’t having any of it. Anyway, eventually they were both ready and I did stories. I’m currently reading Joshua Alice Through the Looking Glass and so I read a chapter of that and a story out of Lala’s fairytales book.

They are in bed now and I’m feeling pretty knackered. I have a glass of wine and I’m contemplating getting my own dinner ready.

I’ve also been watching some Forever Living trainings to keep up with the knowledge that I need to have in order to make this a successful business. I’m feeling very positive about it today as I made up my Pupp box (a box of the products I got with my Business Pack that is to be loaned out to people for 2 days at a time for people to try them and give me feedback – and order anything if they so wish). My mother in law took it yesterday and I’m getting it back off her tomorrow. But I put a post on Facebook asking if anyone was interested – and also posted it on a couple of Facebook selling groups and I’ve had a brilliant response – so much so that I think my box will be loaned out well into January! I may have to buy more products so that I have more stuff to loan out – but that will have to wait a little while. But its going well. I’m so pleased. I’m going to give this business my all and I know it’s going to be a success!

I’m tired now so I think I will continue watching my training that I’m on until my dinner is in the oven and then I will relax and watch some TV.

Talk to you tomorrow. x

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