Glass Half Full

Lately I’ve been feeling like I only ever post in my blog (apart from the odd review or sponsored post – that’s one I’m paid for for non-bloggers) when I’m feeling down or sad about something.

Well, today I woke up feeling good. Not sure what changed. Maybe its the fact that I’ve got the kids, and while they can be stressful and wind me up sometimes, it does feel good to have them. I’m always a bit lost on the weeks when I don’t have them. I set my alarm(s) for 6.45am and actually got up after the 2nd one – so about 6.50 and jumped in the shower, got changed (into nice clothes and heels for a change) and put on make-up (with red lipstick to match my red heels, red top and cardy).

Because I was up earlier, I managed to get the kids ready with minimum amount of fuss and Joshua actually got dressed without me having to moan at him (much).

At lunchtime, on my way back from the Range, I saw a guy with a saucepan on his head saluting people as they went past him. I saluted him as I drove past and got a huge smile and a thumbs up! Not sure what that was all about but it made me smile!!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that things are good. I have my flat, I have my beautiful children, I have my lovely cat Teddy, I have wonderful family and friends and I have my health. I have a job that pays the bills (I may not enjoy it all of the time but at least I’m employed). I have a new soup maker gadget – which I think I’m going to be using several times a week!!

I’ve also decided to stop beating myself up about things – about not writing in my blog enough, or not getting around to doing reviews that are due, or about not getting on my treadmill or not practicing guitar enough…. Sometimes its okay to just relax and enjoy your evening. When things are really a priority I know I can get them done. If I want to spend my evening watching Walking Dead on my laptop – then where is the harm? My kids are fed, put to bed, the washing is sorted into piles and put on, I’m actually keeping on top of the washing up as I go along which I know will amaze my ex-husband!!! (I’m trying not to use the dishwasher to save on electricity). Who do I have to answer to? Myself! And I say its okay to just relax and enjoy life a little.

That’s me signing off. For now. xxx

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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