A wonderful holiday in Mijas, Spain

Well, I’m back from our holiday in Spain – me, my parents and the kids. (started writing this last week and only just finishing it now).

We got back on Sunday night and the kids were put straight to bed, at Ben’s and I headed home via the Co-Op to buy a pizza.

Monday was straight back to work and back to reality, which has left me feeling a little down. I feel a bit bad that I haven’t written up a day by day account of our holiday but its already the 2nd week I’m back and I honestly don’t have the energy. So a picture account will have to do.

However, before I go on, I just want to say a big thank you to my parents for having us. We had a brilliant time. The kids loved it, I loved it and thank you for letting me lie in a little every morning!

I’d also like to thank my Aunty Pat and Uncle Ray for the fab birthday party the threw Joshua on the Sunday. I will be sorting thank you cards to everyone for the presents. Just need to buy some and get Josh to write them out. It was lovely to see all my cousins and their kids. I have so many happy memories of visiting Gib or spending time with them in Spain. It was good to add more happy memories to the bank!

So here are the highlights of my holiday – not in any particular order as my phone WordPress app seems to have loaded the pictures in reverse order or some random order – I don’t know why.

Here are some pictures:

Alara ready for an evening trick or treating

Our last time visiting Martin the cat

We went to this lovely garden centre, cafe. We wanted to see the turtles but they were all hiding!

At a Spanish Halloween party on Friday night

This one found a little spanish girl to hang out with and was very upset when it was time to leave

A little bracelet I bought myself at a market in Mijas

The view of my parents house from the balcony

The view looking down on Fuengirola from my parents balcony

The pool – which we only used once

View of my parents garden and the fruit trees

Joshua on el Blanco – the horse I used to ride when I was younger

And Alara on the same horse. She loved it!

“Mummy loves Alara & Joshua”

Playing in a water pool on the beach

Building shelters!

Climbing trees

Climbing trees

Alara in a cafe cuddling her Gibralter monkey

Collecting avocados and lemons from my parents trees

Lovely hair clip bought at the Butterfly Park

At the Butterfly Park

Stickeez bought in Lidl – which still makes them!

Bracelet bought in a shop owned by a friend of my parents

Out with my friend Patricia in Fuengirola

Me and Patricia

Beach antics

Collecting sticks for building shelters

Walking up to the village for coffee – something we did nearly every day

Joshua at the birthday party thrown for him by my Aunty Pat and uncle Ray!!!

Visiting the monkeys in Gibralter

Alara and her second cousin Tiana

All the cousins (2nd cousins really) together!

Playing on Patricia’s phone with little Carla


Two very tired children

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  1. It’s so good to see you so happy. And the kids look like they had an absolute ball with you and your Mum! Smiling suits you! <3

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