How to stay stylish during pregnancy

OK, so you might not feel like stepping onto the catwalk if you’re carrying a baby, but being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to shy away from the spotlight completely. There are plenty of stylish clothes and accessories to choose from these days that are ideal for mums-to-be, and by choosing yours carefully, you can ensure you look fabulous no matter how big your bump.

Show some skin

Many expectant mums steer clear of garments that show off their skin, but there’s no reason to cover up completely. As long as you opt for suitable sizes, summer skirts and dresses can work perfectly as maternity clothes. If you’re looking to conceal veins or imperfections on your legs but you still want to achieve that summer chic look, you can reach for sheer tights too. Hosiery specialists like Stockings HQ offer a selection of maternity tights that are perfectly tailored to fit expanding waistlines. Meanwhile, to show off your growing cleavage, why not reach for scoop-neck tops, t-shirts and summer dresses?

Don’t assume baggy is always better

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that baggy is always better in the clothing stakes as your belly swells. This is a mistake though. In fact, bigger garments can look bulky and unflattering. Instead, reach for outfits that hug your figure and emphasise the features that aren’t getting bigger. For example, knits that stretch around your silhouette can have a classy, feminine look. Also, don’t shy away from skinny jeans or other slim-fit trousers. It’s now easy to find maternity lines in these clothes.

Get creative with colour

It’s true that dark colours are slimming and you might feel more confident wearing black, brown, navy and other dark hues as your size shoots up. Bear in mind though, these ensembles can look a little drab, especially if you wear them all the time. To brighten them up, consider getting creative with your colours. Accessories like bright scarves, bangles, necklaces and earrings can really bring your ensembles to life. Even adding a handbag in a bold hue can help to give you that style-enhancing pop of colour.

Staying stylish during pregnancy might present a few challenges and there’ll be days when the last thing on your mind is how good you look, but by following simple suggestions like these, you should be able ensure to look beautiful no matter how big your belly.

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