The Busy Single Parent’s Guide to Keeping Your Kids Out of Trouble

Life as a single parent can be tough. You’ve got your children, look but then there is the matter of work and errands as well. And sometimes it doesn’t seem possible to get everything done. That’s why you need to have some plans and options in place to help deal with life as a single parent.

Keeping your kids out of trouble is hard at the best of times. My children are my world, cheap but it can be tricky for me to keep them amused and occupied and get everything else done too. So these are some of the things I do to help with that.

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Talk to Them

One option would be to sit the children down and explain to them the situation. I feel like my kids might be a little too young to fully understand the situation. But if your kids are old enough you need to take this step. Tell them about being a single mother, illness and how you need to make time for them as well as going to work. If you can explain things to them, they will understand what’s going on better.

Take Them With You

Sometimes you may feel like you want, or need, to take the kids with you. If you have to rush around with errands to do then sometimes, you’re going to have to take them. And this can sometimes be good because it gets them out of the house and has them doing other things. But, of course, I understand that this isn’t always possible. I don’t always have the time to take my kids with me. And if they don’t want to go, and I make them, this can cause all sorts of other problems.

Give Them Portable Entertainment

If you are going to the supermarket to do the weekly shop you might need to take the children. But you have to understand that they may well not want to be there. So I would suggest giving them portable forms of entertainment to keep them occupied. Things like a Game Boy or Pokémon cards would be advisable. These are pocket sized, and they’re a great way of keeping the children busy, so they aren’t fighting. Think about giving them books for the car journey as well.

Get a Babysitter

There will be times where you’re going to need to go places, and you can’t bring the kids with you. And, in these sorts of situations, you’ll need to get help. What I often do is make sure I get a babysitter in. They are able to look after the children while I am away. This means there’s somebody responsible and trustworthy looking after the kids, and keeping them in line. Try to go with someone you know, or a babysitter who’s been recommended by friends. It’s important to have peace of mind when you’re leaving the kids with someone.

As you can imagine, I’m rushed off my feet quite a lot of the time. So, it’s useful to have options with regards to the kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children dearly. But sometimes they can be a real handful. So the more ideas I have to keep them out of trouble the better. And I’ve shared some of them with you in this guide.

One Thought on “The Busy Single Parent’s Guide to Keeping Your Kids Out of Trouble

  1. Talk to them…
    I often think that children are taken for granted by adults/parents. Their little minds might not understand or comprehend everything but the sooner their explained things the sooner they begin to adapt..

    Take them with you…
    Clearly your kids can’t go everywhere with you and most parents will see to it that their children get to spend time with family and friends and have sleep overs etc… But typically where you go so should your children.. Especially when young… It is this that helps them to understand all that you do for them… If they don’t like it sometimes they will just have to live with it. It is important they understand who is the parent!

    Portable entertainment….
    A useful tool yes.. One that gets many parents out of trouble including myself but one which I have stopped when out… Again children need to learn that they will not always be appeased… In reality these things are more for the parent than the child… As we know we get peace but before kids get these things they must first learn to behave and appreciate them….

    Get a babysitter….
    I agree babysitters are good and that as best as possible a family member or close friend is best… I try not to look at children as a handful more that they are great natural negotiators who use the only tools that are available to them… This is normally emotional black mail and or defiance… Good behaviour is learnt and as parents often the hardest things to do is to say no for fear of shouting and screaming…. Let them shout… Let them scream… Be firm but fair and they will soon understand.

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