Alara’s 5th Birthday Party

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Alara’s birthday was on Sunday and I thought it went extremely well. I was stressing out about it – partly because of what happened last year (long story and possibly one for another day – or not because I don’t really want to be moving backwards, but let’s just say while I felt the day went well, the aftermath of that evening probably culminated in Ben and my separation).  So I was understandably worried. I didn’t want to be arguing or sniping with Ben. I wanted it to go smoothly. And I really feel that it did. It was like we were both aware that we needed to cooperate and make sure we both chipped in to make things go well. He was really helpful, as was his GF. It wasn’t at all awkward or uncomfortable. Not that I was expecting it to be. But I guess I wasn’t sure I could trust myself not to get stressed and take it out on him (as happened last year). But I guess we are all in a different place now.

So, enough of navel-gazing and back to the party.

After days of torturing myself that I had to make a cake, I eventually took the executive decision that I should just buy a bloody Frozen cake and be done with it. So I did:

I also bought – yes bought – some plain cupcakes – £1 from Tesco – and bought some Frozen icing and decoration stuff:

This was the final result:

I thought they looked pretty fab!!!

I also got some pretty amazing decorations to review (separate post and to follow):


I realised at the last minute that I didn’t have any balloons so I nipped to the Range at the last minute and picked up a Frozen helium balloon:

And some pink “birthday girl” balloons (I would have gone for blue and white to match the Frozen theme but I couldn’t find them anywhere and I tried the Range and Tesco).

Alara looking lovely in her Frozen Elsa dress from Aunty Hannah:

And her beautiful necklace from Merci Maman:

I gave the kids a bit of a glitter makeover with some glitter and faceglue that I got on eBay:





Then we took the kids to the park:

After the park we came back to my shared garden to have party food:


Here she is blowing out her candles:

She loves her Lego Elsa Castle that I got her (that me, Joshua and Ben’s GF built together) – Lala likes to play with them when they’re built but she doesn’t have much interest in building:

And more Lego that she got given:  


Overall it was a really good day. I’m still knackered!

3 Thoughts on “Alara’s 5th Birthday Party

  1. Aww! It looks like she had a wonderful day! Great choice of cake! My girl had that for her birthday too 🙂 x

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