Where are you Prince Charming?!

I’m lying in bed as I’m writing this. I’ve been in bed reading since about 9.45pm. I’m reading a book called Girl Online by Zoe Sugg and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve just got to the really good bit. Really romantic. And it got me thinking. 

Why isn’t real life more like in romance novels? Or TV/movies? Where is my Prince Charming??!!

Why is it so much harder now I’m 38 than it seemed 20 years ago when I was 18. 

I’ve been on dating sites and I’m still on Tinder but I can’t help feeling that it should just HAPPEN. I shouldn’t have to trawl the Internet for suitable men. I should bump into the MOMD (man of my dreams) while picking up my shopping at Tesco’s. “Their eyes met over the deli olives counter and suddenly she felt her heart begin to quicken”… That kind of thing.

I’m very tired as I should really have been asleep an hour ago but here is my list of things I like in a man and how I think I should be treated. If you think you might fit the bill, apply below in the comments (this is a bit of fun really but seriously, if you are interested… Go for it):

My list:

  • Nice eyes, a bit of a twinkle in them is always good. Should be something I can find attractive. 
  • Not a huge fan of beards, but some men really suit them so not ruling that out. 
  • Someone who knows how to treat a lady. This may sound old-fashioned but things like holding doors open for you. Or offering to buy at least the first drink. My ex would often leave the car and be half way to the pub before I’d so much as got my seatbelt off so that is a no-no. And then he’d get himself a drink but not get me one. 
  • Strong arms/shoulders. Something about a man who could lift you up (thinking Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing here). 
  • Someone who can give a compliment. It’s nice to be told you look nice. But only if it’s genuine (OBVIOUSLY)
  • Someone who really GETS me
  • Someone with similar interests as me. Someone who will understand my interest in blogging and my longing to work for myself.

I’m too tired to write anymore but I think I should definitely write more on this list!!

One Thought on “Where are you Prince Charming?!

  1. You could always try kising a frog……

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