Busy weekend getting things done

I’ve had a busy weekend. Ben picked the kids up yesterday morning around 9.30am. After they’d gone, I went back to bed for a couple of hours (my neighbour had come over for a few glasses of wine the night before so I was feeling a little worse for wear). I set my alarm for 11 so I didn’t sleep too long as I have a tendency to do on weekends when I don’t have the kids. I got up, got in the shower and then headed out into town with my list of things I had to get – from the Poundshop mainly. As I was driving past Ben’s house I saw Mikey’s car in the drive (he’s a friend and also my guitar teacher and is house-sitting while they’re away camping). I pulled in and popped in to say hello and while I was there asked Mikey if he wanted to come into town with me to keep me company.

We went into town, parked in Lidl’s car park and then wandered into town after buying a couple of pastries (to validate the parking). First stop was Pound Land where I bought a few little presents for Lala’s birthday next Sunday, some little toy cars for gift bags for the couple of boys that will be coming, and a little teddy bear as the present for pass the parcel along with some stickers and sweets to go in the layers. Then we went to Starbucks and sat outside so we could smoke and watch the world go by. The weather was so lovely yesterday. A complete change to how it was today.

When we’d finished our coffees, we headed back to the car and I drove Mikey back to the house. Then I went to the Range where I bought a couple more small presents for Lala, some Frozen bedding for her, a bin for their bathroom and a drawer unit for their bedroom as they don’t have enough storage for toys in there.

When I got home I got started on cleaning up their room. I changed both the sheets, putting her new bedding on (I feel bad that I didn’t get Josh new bedding as he does really need some but I will definitely get him some for HIS birthday which is in October – if not before). Their room looked SOOOO much better when I’d finished!

When I’d finished the kids room I tackled the kitchen, clearing all the dry washing up, taking the drainer off and cleaning underneath it, then doing all the washing up and filling the dishwasher and then moving everything on the work surfaces so I could clean them down properly. I also cleaned the hob and then started sweeping and then mopping the kitchen floor. After that I hoovered the hallway and the kids room. I was going to finish the job tidying my bedroom and the living room so I could hoover there too but my neighbour came over for a bit to give me some cat litter as I’d not been able to get any of the cheap Tescos one I normally buy and after sitting down for a bit, I decided I’d done enough for one day.

This morning I woke up around 10.30/11, showered and decided to get started on the rest of the flat. I started in my bedroom, putting away all the clothes that had piled up on my bedroom floor, also putting away a load of clean washing, then changing my bedsheets and generally tidying up. Finally I hoovered the floor.

 After the bedroom, I did the kitchen again (it was messy again after dinner last night and I’m not one for tidying up after I’ve eaten – never have been – I’d rather enjoy my evening and tackle it in the morning or after I get home from work). It didn’t take too long as it had been pretty clean before I started cooking.

Then I got myself a cup of coffee and made a start on the living room. There were toys and bits of paper all over the floor and also a pile of washing that needed to go on all over the floor. I picked all that washing up and put it in a basket ready to go on when the first load finished. Then I set about picking up all the toys and relocating them to their drawers or the kids room, and picking up all the bits of paper and putting them in the bin. I got the can of polish out and took everything off the windowsill and polished that. Then I did the TV stand and then the coffee table. Once the floor was clear I vacuumed it and put the vacuum cleaner away. Once all that was done I went to Starbucks at the local Sainsbury’s and sat outside for a bit, chatting to a lady I’ve seen there a few times.

 When I came home I started on wrapping up Lala’s birthday presents and the pass the parcel present while I watched a movie and drank tea.

I’ve also filled out a claim form for my sofa which has a couple of stains on it (I got the cover) and filled out forms for the kids after school club for September.

It’s been a really busy weekend and I’m absolutely knackered!!! But in a good way!

And it’s not just me who’s tired!!


Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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