Nearly the weekend

Its been a long week. Work has been insanely busy and I may end up working late today (I am supposed to leave at 1 but I think it might be as late as 3pm – not really a problem as work have been very flexible with me when I’ve had childcare issues so I feel obliged to help out if I can). The kids have been really testing my patience as you’ll know if you read my post from the other day: My Kids Don’t Respect Me. I’m exhausted and emotionally drained but feeling quite positive about the weekend ahead and what I plan to get done.

Tonight I have the kids for an extra night and then they will be picked up around 9am to go camping with their dad. I need to nip to Tescos this afternoon when I finish before I pick them up if I have time and among other foody type items, I intend to pick up a cheap bottle of red as a treat for getting through this week. Maybe once the kids are in bed I’ll have a bit of a TV fest or watch a movie (although my selection is limited as I don’t have Sky Movies or Netflix and my collection of DVDs is fairly sparse). Maybe I’ll see if Ben has any I can borrow for the night.

I have no plans to go out this weekend so my plan is to get the flat sorted out – do a little housework, list a few things on EBay, etc. Here is my to do list:

General Things

  • Think about how to deal with the kids behaviour and bedtime issues. Come up with a plan.
  • Write thank you cards to my sister for the weekend when we visited and went to the circus (get kids to sign them when they are back or just send next week on their behalf)
  • Go through handbag and remove unwanted paperwork as my bag has become so heavy and hard to find things in

Paperwork and Computer jobs

  • Fill in Sofa Claim form (for stains – to get them to come out and clean it as per the cover that I took out)


  • Change my bedsheets
  • Change kids bedsheets
  • Put clean clothes away
  • Hoover entire flat
  • Sweep & mop kitchen floor
  • Clean sink in shower room

Out and about jobs

  • Buy a few boy-toys for Lala’s party bags
  • Buy presents for pass the parcel
  • Buy a bathroom bin for kids bathroom

Blog/Social Media

  • Write outstanding reviews (beauty stuff, cleaning stuff, book reviews) and schedule posts for next week
  • Try to figure out setting up client 1’s wordpress blog

Hoping this list will help me focus.

Also intend to do something nice like pop to Starbucks for a coffee after the kids have gone saturday morning before heading into town to do the above shopping.

What do you have planned for this weekend?

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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