Book Review: Rufus Goes to School by Kim T Griswell

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Rufus Goes to School

This is a great little book about a pig who desperately wants to go to school.

The illustrations are beautifully done and the story is delightful. Poor Rufus goes to school each day to see the Principal and each day he is turned away because he doesn’t have the right things. Each day he comes back in another attempt to persuade the Principal to let him attend school. Eventually, after being turned back for not having the right equipment, he turns up with his favourite book and is then allowed to join school.

I do love this story but one thing I would say is it is definitely Americanised. For instance, there is a Principal instead of a Head Master. The children nap (what school in the UK has naptime – by the time they are at school they are too old really for napping). The story mentions “recess” instead of “break time”. That said, it really doesn’t matter. Its still a lovely story. My kids loved it and it is currently one of their favourites.

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