Another busy and lovely weekend

Not really part of the weekend but the kids were so excited to show me what they had made at Granny’s on Wednesday:   

Friday night I got myself a nice bottle of wine and a box of chocolates courtesy of another lovely blogger who felt I needed a treat. Thank you xxxx


Friday afternoon we had a quiet one and watched a movie: 


Saturday afternoon we had a play date with one of Joshua’s friends from school. We went to the park and the grownups (and Ella) had a fun time being silly too:


Lots of fun on the swings:


Then yummy dinner back at their house:


Alara got given a Rapunzel dress that was too small for Ella now:


Sunday morning the kids did some drawing:


And then we went to the Bat and Ball (a local pub with a great kids play area) for lunch/drinks with a good friend of mine. When it was time to go home both kids got very upset and so there were lots of cuddles had:


A lovely busy weekend. 

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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