Reasons to be cheerful #R2BC

I’m writing this post in conjunction with the Reasons to be Cheerful blog hop currently being hosted by Ojo’s World. There has been a lot of negative stuff going on – last week with arguments with Ben and this week with being ill and I feel it is time to focus on some of the good stuff that has been going on:

Last Friday the kids and I had a play date with a friend Dan and his kids. We had a fab time at the park and then back to my place for dinner. They didn’t leave until 7.30pm, we were having that fantastic a time we totally lost track of time.


     Then on Saturday we had Lala’s best friend Poppy over for a play date. Again, we went to the park for ages, then headed back to the flat for play and then dinner:


                Sunday I took the kids to a car boot sale with my parents. Then we had a picnic at the park (that park is worth it’s weight in gold), and then I took the kids shopping with me and gave Joshua my phone with the calculator open so that he could add up how much each thing cost while we went round adding things to our trolley. Joshua did amazingly well and we managed to keep our shop under £30. He even chose the cheaper chips when given an option between Tesco Value oven chips (which were around 45p) and thin cut chips (which were £1.50). I was so proud of my little man helping with the shopping and learning about how much food costs and that it doesn’t just magically appear in the cupboards, fridge and freezer!


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4 Thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful #R2BC

  1. dan on June 12, 2015 at 09:10 said:

    Had lovely time, we must do it sgain soon

  2. What a great lesson to teach your children! They look so happy in the pictures above, I hope your summer is filled with fun in the park x

  3. Park play is so much fun. Kids look like they are having z lovely time

  4. Great snaps of family life, and I love the shopping lesson – I bet it made it more entertaining too for the children!

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