Surrey County Show

On bank holiday Monday we headed off to the Surrey County Show. We go every year and it’s a great opportunity for us to spend the day as a family (even more important now on the odd occasions when we decide to do things altogether). The kids get to look at and touch lots of different animals (cows, pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, chicks, bees – no touching the bees though…), go on rides, we buy nice food in the food hall. Overall, its just a lovely day out. Here are some photos…..

Joshua was a bit nervous the first time he went down this massive slide


but he got there in the end

Both loved looking at the pretty birds


then we had a picnic at one of the seating areas


Yum donuts!


I think this might have been the highlight of their day – they got to hold a chick

and touch rabbits and guinnea pigs


they tried on silly hats

And ate ice cream


And had a game of lets all climb on Mummy’s back!


I found a great framed “Frozen” poster for Lala’s bed at Daddy’s house, which he bought her


and after such a busy exciting day, they slept soundly!

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  1. Lovely pictures Abi ! Ofcourse you aren’t alone. We are always here if you need to talk and we love you very much. From Mummy XXXXX

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