Hit a new low

I really thought after I eventually got to sleep last night that I would wake up with a new attitude to things. But I feel just as low today. Its not stopping me from doing things with the kids… I’ve done Lego Building and a bit of kids tv watching (having a lazy morning with the kids)… but I can’t get my mind out of this low state.

Maybe I’m just tired – it was gone 12 before I finally felt like I would be able to sleep – but I am still feeling pathetic and sorry for myself. I’ve been sat in the kitchen wondering who I can call to speak to, crying into my coffee, for a while now and I just can’t snap out of it.

I rang a friend and she has suggested I go round to hers for the day with the kids. So I’m going to go once I’ve had a chance to get them ready. Hopefully a bit of company and change of scenery will help.

Thank you for listening and supporting. x


3 Thoughts on “Hit a new low

  1. I hope that this low passes soon for you. I just find that they come in waves, I just have to embrace and surf them, but they do pass. Eventually! Hold on tight.

  2. It’ll be a temporary fix but hopefully you keep yourself busy enough to snap out of it. Why not to a bucket list? I find this helps me out of a lot of my misery and I’m always busy at something. Hopefully better days are ahead. Still praying for you x

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