Feeling buoyed up!

I feel so good after such a wonderful day with my best friend in the world. We may have gone a while without seeing each other but we are back now in force and I won’t be letting more than a month (maybe 3 weeks go by) without seeing her again! We are both newly single mums so other than the fact that we just “get” each other, we now have that in common too. Today wasn’t planned. I just rang her in tears this morning feeling at my utmost lowest point yet possibly and she suggested me and the kids descend on her for the day, so we did!

I am so grateful for my friends. Lisa, my sister, other people who have sent me supportive messages, the people who’ve read my blog or talked to me on twitter and sent me words of support. I feel stronger this evening for that support.

I know I wasn’t the perfect wife. I did things I regretted, didn’t always treat him the way a loving wife should, but I know for a fact that I did not deserve what he did or who he did it with. I’m sorry if he or anyone else has issue with me expressing that fact, its too bad. But I don’t even want to talk about that anymore. Its not worth it. HE’S not worth it.

The main thing is that the kids are alright (and they are), that I’m alright and I am, or I will be because I have people who love me around me and I am stronger than that. I’m gonna come up smelling of fucking roses!

4 Thoughts on “Feeling buoyed up!

  1. I’m so glad you had a friend to visit. We all need hugs when things are overwhelming. It’s the ultimate betrayal (other than maybe a sister!) and os going to hurt like hell at times. I’m 3yrs into being a single mum and it’s shit but it is what it is and we can’t change it. You are going go get there and you will be happy again. We both will. Xxx

  2. Kirsten Gray on May 25, 2015 at 11:44 said:

    Hi Abi, I haven’t seen you in years, but have been reading your blog and just wanted to say that I think it’s amazing how you are doing! You have acted with such dignity after what happened to you and are such a strong woman. You should be proud and I am sure you will end up so much better off! X

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