This was written yesterday. Only just posting it. 

The last few days have been hard. It hasn’t helped that I have been feeling under the weather – nasty cold, probably what Lala had last week. I’ve missed the children a lot and felt very out of sorts. I felt very low on Sunday and then started feeling ill on Tuesday. Wednesday I felt worse and wasn’t going to go out (Karaoke at my local pub) but ended up getting back to my flat (I didn’t go to see the kids as they were at my parents’ and by the time Ben got them home it would have been pretty late) and just felt completely lonely and didn’t want to stay in the flat on my own all evening, even though I felt pretty rubbish and knew I shouldn’t really be going out. By the time I got home at about 10.30pm I decided I’d better eat – I didn’t eat before I went out – and so that took an hour to sort out and I ended up going to bed at just after midnight. It really wasn’t what I needed physically.

So tonight I’m on strict instructions from myself to have a nice quiet relaxing evening to myself and head to bed nice and early – around 9.30pm probably. I’m going to see the kids first at our friend/childminder’s house. Then I’ll take them back to Ben’s house. I did my shopping at lunchtime – managed to stick to only spending £12 (less than half my budget for the week) although I know I will need to do a bigger shop in a few days/next week. But I have a voucher for Tescos – £4.00 off when I spend £30.00 or more. So I’ll make sure there are enough things that I need before I go. I’m getting quite good at looking for bargains now. I managed to find some reduced bread at lunchtime. 
That’s all I got round to writing. 

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