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Growl with the animals

Both of my kids love reading/looking at books. My eldest, Joshua, devours books daily, while my daughter, not quite being able to read yet, loves looking at the pictures and especially loves books that make sounds.

So when I received this book to review from Parragon Books, I knew it would be a big hit – particularly with the littler one. Growl With the Animals – 10 Animal Sounds is a lovely and colourful book full of useful information about animals and how they behave. The tabs make it easy to switch between animals and the book is pretty sturdy so you don’t need to worry too much about little hands being a bit too rough on the book. As your child is reading through the book, looking at the pictures, they can press on the sounds buttons and hear the sounds that the animals make. The animals included in this book are: wolves, bears, whales, dolphins, hyenas, toucans, gorillas and lions. I love how realistic the sounds are.

This book was a hit with my two. Not a book for bedtime stories, but definitely a fun book for learning about animals and listening to the sounds they make.

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