Feeling sad

Flat feels empty. Sometimes I love living on my own. Right now I don’t. I’ve been on my own all day apart from when I popped into see the kids this evening. I did a bit of tidying up after my party last night. I wrote a review post I’ve been meaning to do for a couple of weeks. And I’ve chilled out and watched quite a lot of TV.

But I feel sad. I miss the kids not being here. I feel low and lonely.

Maybe its partly the alcohol from last night messing with my meds. Or maybe I’m just having a bad patch. I think I really need to stay off the booze again. Get stricter on myself.

I was really looking forward to having time to myself after a pretty full on week – Alara being ill and starting a new job and not getting much sleep. But even though getting plenty of sleep has been good, I’ve not felt myself. Felt very lonely. Very sad.

4 Thoughts on “Feeling sad

  1. Hugs. It must be so hard to be away from the kids. I’m no good with too much time on my own, it always gets me down. Probably the after effects of last night. Hope you had fun

  2. Praying for you xx

  3. Big hugs lovely I can only imagine how you feel. I think I’d miss the noise a lot though as much as I moan about it xxx

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