Quick update on my week & my routine with the kids

I’ve got the kids this week. Alara has been off school yesterday and today (she went into school this morning but got sent home ill – to Ben’s as I’m on day 2 of my new job so can’t take time off right now). She’s been running a temperature and just complaining of feeling poorly. She was up Sunday night and last night. Both nights woke up, woke me up, felt very hot and poorly so she climbed into bed with me (I secretly love midnight cuddles if not being woken up in the early hours especially the night before starting a new job). I really should be going to sleep now not writing this. Oh well.

It’s my 2nd week having them at mine. I really think its going quite well. They seem pretty happy. We’ve developed our own little routine. In the morning (this week anyway, since starting at my new job) I get up at about 6.50am and get in the shower and quickly do my makeup and get dressed. Then I get the kids up and give them breakfast. Around 7.20 I hurry them up to finish their breakfast and start getting them to get changed into their school uniforms. 7.30 teeth and hair brushed. I grab my lunch out of the fridge. Usually salad. Chuck some dressing on it and put it in my lunch bag with a banana. Then grab book bags, bottles, coats and jumpers. Most of which I’ve already put in a carrier bag in the hall so I don’t have to carry 3000 different things. Just my handbag and their school bag of bags. Out the door by 7.40am. It takes 5 minutes to drive to Ben’s so we arrive around 7.45 or if I’m running late 7.50. Then I head back the way I came and go to work. Usually time for a quick ciggie in the smoking shelter before I start.

Then in the evening, I finish at 5pm. I then go to collect the kids from our friend/childminder or grandparents – wherever they happen to be that day. I’ll usually be home with them by 6.20pm and I get them to get straight into their jimjams and teeth brushed and then once they’re ready they get to play or watch a bit of TV before bed. Although the last 2 nights Lala has gone to bed early cos she felt so poorly. Poor little thing 🙁

Then once they’re in bed, I do a bit of washing up, start preparing my dinner (I have a list on my pinboard of what I’m having every night for the next 8-10 days so I don’t have to think about it and umm and ahhh), see if any washing needs to go on. Then I sit down and eat my dinner with a bit of TV. Then around 9pm I get up and make my lunch for the next day, wash up the dinner things, sneak into the kids room to get out their uniforms for the next day, refill their water bottles and put their bookbags, water bottles, jumpers etc in the bigger carrier bag. Then I sit down for a bit more TV or some blogging. Then bed.

Talking of which……

2 Thoughts on “Quick update on my week & my routine with the kids

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask how you are and how things are going. Glad all good x

  2. It sounds like things are going well…
    I hope your girl feels better soon x

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