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In an effort to participate more with other blogs, I’ve decided to link up to this Ten Things Linky from A Cornish Mum.

I’ve decided that in this instance, I am going to do Ten Things I Love About Living Alone (and by that I mean not having a man living with me, not my children as they come to me every other week and I love having them).

So here we go – Ten Things I Love About Living Alone:

  1. Only having me to clean up after (which means that generally my place remains tidy)
  2. Having my bed all to myself
  3. Being able to watch whatever I want on telly
  4. Being able to set a routine (with regards the kids) and not have anyone there to accidentally or on purpose send that routine array
  5. Being able to invite friends over to MY SPACE and not have my other half come and talk constantly so I don’t get a word in edgeways
  6. Being able to arrange things just as I like – and not have the other person say he doesn’t like that there….
  7. Having a wardrobe all to myself – for MY CLOTHES ONLY!
  8. Being able to go out if I want and not answer to anyone about what time I’ll be getting home or who I’m going with (apart from when my kids are with me of course – as I don’t go out then but I don’t mind that either – nice cosy nights in front of the TV or invite a girlfriend over for a bit of gossip)
  9. Being able to stock the fridge and cupboards with only stuff I need/want – no more endless jars of pickles in the bottom of the fridge, bottles of hotsauce which he made which just tasted of vinegar
  10. (another fridge related one) Being able to celophane wrap some cheese (or whatever) and not find that someone (he) has taken it out, eaten some and then put it back unwrapped on the fridge shelf!

That’s it from me for now.


A Cornish Mum

5 Thoughts on “Ten Things Linky – Ten Things I Love About Living Alone #TenThings @stevie_couch

  1. Thanks for linking up to #Ten Things ☺ As much as I love my boyfriend, this list sounds amazing! Stevie x

  2. ah, so many of these things I miss now I’m cohibiting again!

  3. Living alone has some perks that’s for sure!

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