Whale Watching with Newport Landing

I have to apologise for the amount of time it has taken for me to write up this post. I wanted to actually write something instead of just doing a post of pictures because the lovely Lisa from Newport Landing / Newport Whales was kind enough to give us a decent discount on our trip.

We arrived at the office to collect our tickets at just before 10am and while Ben went into the cafe next door to pick up coffees, sovaldi sale I waiting in the queue with the kids – who proceeded to act up so much that they nearly sent me crazy. OK, unhealthy crazier!!!

Finally, we got our tickets and headed onto the boat.


Josh and Alara were very excited to play with and look through their binoculars. Sadly neither of them could get the hang of them, even with our help, so they ended up being not much use.


The boat was very nice on the inside and had a shop for essentials (like sweets!).


Heading out of the port, there were some great views of the shore and beaches of LA.






When we reached a good distance out to see we saw dolphins. Quite a few of them.





We even saw a whale…..


And some very lazy sea lions and seals.






We had a great time. Thank you Lisa at Newport Whales.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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