Feeling low tonight 

I’m feeling low. I know I should be feeling good. Lots of good things have happened in the last week. I was offered and have accepted a new job. A permanent job, close to home, more money, doing something that is much more in my skill levels than processing purchase orders all day. 

I’m feeling low on a few levels. 1) I am feeling lonely tonight. I wished I had someone to watch TV with, chat with, have a cuddle with… 2) I guess I’m worried about change. New colleagues (I’m really going to miss the people I’ve made friends with from work). New work – what if I can’t do it, what if I get into trouble for something, what if they don’t like me. What if I don’t get on with my new boss. 3) the kids go back to Ben’s tomorrow. I’ve packed their bag up and loaded it in the car. I’m going to miss them, even though I’ll probably see them every day at least during the week. It will be nice not having to rush so much in the mornings (but then I feel guilty for looking forward to a bit of time off from getting them ready for school in the morning and getting them bathed and ready for bed at night). 

I’m so tired as its been a hectic week. I’m looking forward to a lie in on Saturday. Not going to feel guilty about that. And I might do some more unpacking and sorting over the weekend. Not that there is that much to do. Just a bag of stuff in the bedroom which I’ve been putting off all week. I should really do it and give the bag back to Ben. 

Oh one last thing before I go – either to put something on telly or go to bed (I haven’t decided yet). I’ve been doing weight watchers for 2 and a half weeks. I lost 4lbs in my first week and 5.5 in my 2nd. So I’ve lost a total of 9.5lbs total. 🙂

3 Thoughts on “Feeling low tonight 

  1. Considering all that’s happened in a few months, it would be surprising if you *didn’t* have mood swings. But you will win. x

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