Moving tomorrow

I’ve brought forward my move date to tomorrow. I don’t know if I already mentioned this, but it makes sense as I’m having the kids friday night and I really need more time before then to unpack things and make it more like home.

So tonight we have been moving in my big (and extremely heavy – I now have aching shoulders from lifting it) Ikea shelves from my office (what was). I also put together (all by myself) a side table (to be fair it was pretty simple) while Ben was sorting out the TV.

I didn’t want to do much more than that. Ben started to unpack a box and I told him to leave it. I really want to do things myself in my own time. I know there is a lot to do and I appreciate the help with things like flatpack furniture and stuff that I don’t understand or know much about, but the homely stuff – unpacking boxes and finding places for things, I want to do myself.

So tomorrow, the plan is to pack up as much as possible – clothes, bathroom stuff, bedding – and go round there soon after the kids are in bed and then spend the evening there pottering about getting a feel for the place. I’m going to go shopping at lunchtime for all the household type things that I need and some food, oh and some fitted sheets for my bed as I don’t have any.

I won’t have any TV (being installed on Monday) or Internet (the following Tuesday) so I will just have to play music and unpack.

I felt a bit sad this evening before we left to bring my stuff over and I still feel weird. Not sad, but not happy either. Its strange. I’m looking forward to having my own place. My little domain, my little nest, that is mine, and nobody else’s, but I’m also leaving a lot that I thought would stay with me. Not necessarily physical things. I’m leaving the security (supposedly as that all came crashing down around me) of marriage and a house with a husband who earns considerably more than me. I’m leaving a relationship of 20 years. I’m leaving the children’s main home (at the moment – they will get used to living half the time with me but for now this house is all they have known as their home).

But you know what? Sod it! I’m going to be happier.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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