Home Sweet Home

We arrived back this morning. Please bear with me while I upload the pics from LA and Whale Watching. Still a few last things to add.

I was so tired when we got back. The kids got settled playing with their long-missed toys and watching their new favourite channel Cartoon Network (I hate it personally – I think Mummy’s TV in her flat might mysteriously not have that channel). I went for a bit of a nap (OK a bit of a mammoth nap truth be told – from around 1 until 5). Hope I sleep tonight. 

Then around 6.30pm I went to have a quick look at the flat – my new sofa and my dressing table that my dad had put together for me.



I have mixed feelings about being back. I’m glad to be home – but “home” at this moment in time is a house/bedroom that is not technically mine and I will be moving proper at the weekend. I’m not worrying about that too much at the moment. Got so many things to sort out. A pile of paperworks and bills to look at relating to the flat. I have to sort out Wifi and TV coverage, tv license, the list is endless and I can’t think of it all right now. 

I’ve just had a wonderful hot bath. I’m going to miss that bath, I have to say. Its enormous and when it’s full its so luxurious. On the down side, it doesn’t drain very well and collects dirty water round the sides. So, swings and roundabouts really. Wonder if Ben will let me come round once a month so I can use that bath!!! haha!

I feel so worn out and unhealthy from our trip. I gave myself the full pamper treatment: facemask, hair mask, then brushed the hair mask through my hair. Once out of the bath I covered myself in Palmers Cocoa Butter and my new face cream from Clinique (used the last of my dollars to buy that and a new eyeshadow in Duty Free). I am now lying in bed feeling much better. The last few weeks has left me feeling shattered, unhealthy (too many burgers and fast food) and horrible. My skin has flared up with spots and bumps (on my face) and extremely dry and cracked skin (arms and legs). So this little pamper session was just what I needed.

I’m joining Weight Watchers on Tuesday. I decided before I left but I don’t think I realised how fat I was going to feel on my return. I really feel awful. I’m a little embarrassed about heading into work tomorrow in case anyone comments on my weight. Oh well, at least I know that I’m doing something positive about it on Tuesday.

Right, time to head downstairs to turn the hot water back on so everyone has hot water for showers tomorrow. Quick decaf coffee and a ciggie too. Catch you later. x

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