Sunday 29th March night & Monday 30th March: Amarillo

Drive in theatre

We took the kids to this night time drive in theatre. It was great. The movie playing was a new kids movie Home which was hilarious. The movie didn’t start though until 8.30pm. We got there around 7.30pm and the kids ran around the play park and made some little friends and we bought popcorn and then when it was time to watch the movie, we put the stereo on (they play the sound through your radio on a set frequency).

The only down side was that they did coffee – they only did a latte which took half an hour as the machine had to be put on and when I got it it was so sweet it was horrible. I don’t know what they did to it. Maybe put a tonne of flavoured syrup in it… I had the same thing from a drive-in Starbucks that we stopped by one morning – I asked for a skinny venti latte. What I got tasted like they’d put vanilla syrup in it when I definitely didn’t ask for it. Oh well. Who cares. It was a fab night enjoyed by all.



Amarillo centre tour Monday

Only one photos as to be honest there isn’t that much to see in Amarillo – besides lots of statues of horses – none of which I got a photo of.


Cadillac Ranch

This was a fun thing to do. We went down to take a look at all these Cadillacs arranged in a row, nose down in the ground.

After seeing the cars, we headed to the gift shop. Sadly, I wouldn’t rate the gift shop. They had pins that were $7 (around double of most other places we’ve been so far) and other than that all they had were t-shirts. Maybe we were silly but we expected to be able to buy the kids a couple of toy cadillacs, but no. Nothing toy like or cadillacky at all!








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