Friday 27th March – Cars on the Route, Galena

I feel these guys deserve a post all to themselves. They were so lovely and welcoming. 

When we first pulled up we met the mayor of the town and then we went inside and one of the owners told us all about how the truck outside was the inspiration for Mater in the Cars movie. She also told us how the mural across the street was the inspiration for the sign “Radiator Springs – a Happy Place”. She also told us how there was a guy in the town who could turn his feet backwards and that is why Mater is the best at driving backwards. 

There were some guys there with guitars one of whom was an owner of the place and they started playing while we were there. 

They were all so sweet to us and wouldn’t accept any money for the drinks they gave us and even gave me a free key ring. 

If you’re doing Route 66 like us or even just passing, you have to stop off there! 

Thank you so much guys for all your hospitality. We loved our stop off with you! 



The one on the right is the one that inspired Mater







This used to be the town jail. we did ask if we could put our kids here and then leave. The mayor said that would be okay!!





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  1. Renee on April 1, 2015 at 03:03 said:

    Thanks for stopping by, it was a pleasure meeting you!

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