Monday 23rd March: Second full day in Chicago – a snow blizzard, shopping and picking up the car

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After a pretty exhausting first day in Chicago, we decided to take it a little easy on Monday morning. We slept in late (well, as late as possible). The kids were still up pretty early so Ben took them out to play in the snow for a bit to let me sleep a bit longer but by the time they had gone, I had had a couple of cups of coffee anyway and I had an urge to tidy and organise. So I started packing and sorting through our things, getting ready for our check out. 

Ben brought back bagels and cream cheese and so we had an in-room breakfast and hung out for a bit longer in our room.

I should mention that it started snowing pretty early in the morning and by around 11 it was a full-on blizzard and we could not even see out of the window – a usually spectacular view of the Navy Pier and the ferris wheel. 


When it was nearing our checkout time we got our things together and headed downstairs to the lobby.

The snow was still coming down and the wind was biting cold and it was hard going walking the couple of blocks. The kids shoes were not designed for this kind of weather and thankfully we came across a bargain shoe shop were we managed to pick up a pair of boots for each of the kids along with some socks – their shoes and socks were both soaked through and their poor feet were ice cold. 


 We changed them into their new shoes and socks in the shop and then carried on to walk the few blocks to try to find the start of the route 66 – there was supposed to be a sign somewhere but we couldn’t find it and in the end, after waiting for a few minutes at a bus-stop that it was worth the money to grab a cab.

We flagged one down no problem and headed to the offices of National Car Rental where we picked up our car. The staff were courteous and quick and we were getting in our new car (for the next three weeks anyway) in no time. I have to say, I love this car. Its huge and spacious and so comfortable.



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