Monday 23rd March: Chicago – Legoland Discovery Center

After picking up the car from National, we headed on the I90 (I think) to go to the Legoland Discovery Center. I have to say that the $13 a ticket was money well spent. This place was amazing and the children were raptured from the start. The first area you go into is a miniature Chicago city all made of Lego. It was awesome! All the sky scrapers were there, the ferris wheel, Navy Pier. If you looked carefully there were a few funny little additions, like Super Man at the top of Sears Tower (or whatever it’s called now) and a guy in a dumpster.

Then you go through a Lego jungle full of Lego monkeys and alligators. Then there is a hallway with a number of famous characters made of, you guessed it, Lego!

There is a ride that we went on where you have to shoot things. Then there was a cafe area where the kids (and dads) can build either a car of their choice which can be tested out on a racecourse (a big ramp) or a cartoon character of your choice (there wasn’t enough pink for Lala to make a Peppa Pig which she was very disappointed about). But Josh made a pretty cool plane/car thing which only fell apart a tiny bit on the ramp. There was also a softplay area which kept them entertained for ages until another boy threw a lego brick (a large one) at his face and made his nose bleed. But he wasn’t upset for too long and did go back on there.

Overall a really lovely afternoon out!


Joshua’s car he made

Lala made a space shuttle in the Master Builders Class


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