I’ve exchanged, so why don’t I feel great?!

I’m feeling really low this afternoon. I don’t feel like celebrating and I don’t feel like going out and being sociable – was supposed to be going out for a drink with work colleagues, one of which is leaving. But then I realised it was the quiz tonight -a school thing. But I don’t think I can face that either. I just want to hide away.

I’m glad I’m getting somewhere with my flat. I am. But I feel sad. Low. Depressed. There is so much to do. So much to sort out. Try and move as much in on Wednesday and Thursday night and then pack for the US. I’m just feeling overwhelmed by it all.

One Thought on “I’ve exchanged, so why don’t I feel great?!

  1. You will get through it hun, you have gotten this far and you should be proud of yourself 🙂

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