We’re nearly there!!

I’m sitting in my room in my parents house. I’ve become quite fond of this little room. Its my little bit of quiet. I’ve put some music on this evening and am just chilling out because I am a bit too excited to go to sleep straight away.

Tomorrow I should get my share of the equity from the house paid into my account. I am also going to ring my solicitor and speak to them about arranging exchange and completion to happen on the same day. There are two weeks now, on Saturday, until we go on our USA road trip and I don’t have time to kill. I’ll have to see what they say. I’m also going to chase the estate agents about the last few outstanding items that were required by my solicitors. We should be nearly there. And if there is no news I will chase on the hour until there is!

I have been talking to my parents this evening and they have offered to move boxes of stuff for me while we’re away. I also asked my dad if he would take apart the shelves that I have in my office and put them up for me in the flat. So even if we complete on the Friday before we go away at least things will get started while we’re away. Which is brilliant!

I’m also going to ask my friend from work’s dad to get the work in the kids room (knocking out a cupboard to make more room and then removing a cupboard door and making it good as a wall) while we’re away. I can leave a key with Bella and that way he can get the work done and my parents can move stuff.

I’m going to have to get busy packing this weekend. Its all go! Well, hopefully it will be!

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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