Last night at home – trying not to feel sad

I’ve just been in to check on the kids and give them a kiss on the forehead (for Lala) and a stroke of the cheek (for Joshua because I can’t reach him to kiss him in the top bunk).

I have had a glass or three of bubbly tonight because it was such a stressful day (getting paperwork signed and witnessed at work and then finding out that actually I needed to go see a solicitor (again) to get the final bit of it signed, which I managed to make an appointment for but had to rush out of work at 3.30pm to get there in time before she had another appointment. And then rushing to the post office to get all the paperwork sent off. And then logging on to catch up on work and then bathing and putting the kids to bed and then logging on to finish work. Overall it was damn stressy and I felt like I’d earned a glass of fizz. I know I shouldn’t – that it can affect my meds, but I drink so rarely that when a day like today comes along, and its my last night at home, I thought “what the fuck” and just did it anyway.

So I’m all packed and ready to go. I have my toiletries packed – barr my glasses, toothbrush and toothpaste. I bought myself a new jar of really nice instant decaf coffee (back on the no booze from tomorrow). I packed my mini speaker set, my laptop case is ready on the top of my wheelie case.

Part of the reason behind packing up so early is because tomorrow night I’m going to the reopening of Brasserie Blanc which is from 6 – although I won’t make it there until 6.30pm as I want to see the kids before bed and so I will have to grab my case before I head out into town tomorrow after work.

I’m kind of glad I’ve got a jam packed few nights ahead as there will be little time for mulling over my thoughts.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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