Things are looking up a bit

Things are looking up a bit in that they are moving along. Ben’s mortgage is now sorted. We have new solicitors he can use to do the transfer of equity and hopefully it can be done swiftly. These new solicitors seem a lot more on the ball and sympathetic than the last lot.

I will still have to move out on the day that Ben’s mortgage completes.

I’m not happy about it but if it means that this all happens and I get my flat, it is worth doing. I am thinking of spending several nights with different friends. Asking if I can spend an evening and then sleep on their sofa/spare bed just to break it up a bit. Means I get lovely friend company and then don’t have to drive back to wherever I am staying (my parents?).

My concerns are: not seeing the kids during the night – sometimes they wake up in the middle of the night and they always come find me if they do, not seeing them in the morning although it is only ever a very brief amount of time that I see them. I come down after my shower and about ten minutes later, they go upstairs to start getting ready for school.

I will be coming home (I’m still calling it that for now), after work to see the kids before they go to bed. And I’ll probably read them bedtime stories as I really enjoy doing that.

One up side of moving out (well, technically I’ll just not be sleeping here) is that I won’t be paying mortgage or bills on this place, so I’ll be able to save a fair bit of money – probably for our US trip – or just for a rainy day.

So yes, I’m just not going to be sleeping here. There is no point moving all my things when I’m going to be moving again in a couple of weeks/months. I’m gonna miss my duvet and my bed and my bath – although it doesn’t drain properly so I won’t miss that aspect of it. Maybe I’ll take the duvet with me and put it in my boot. I plan to just have a wheely case that I put enough things for a couple of days and then come get more things when I need them.

Anyway, I’m tired now so off to sleep. In my own bed. While I still can.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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