A Good Start to the Week

Last week was a bit of a downer. It was probably because of my actions on Sunday of reading hubby’s messages. The week just stayed crap.

This week has started better. I had fun last Thursday at the work Christmas party – apart from them having no decent drinks other than juice and cola. Then Saturday night I had a night out with some girlfriends. I had a fantastic time with some brilliant friends – old and new. We got back (myself and my friend Lisa who was staying over) at around 2am but we needed to eat so by the time we’d cooked and eaten some chips it was nearly 3am. Lisa very kindly didn’t wake me when she left and I carried on sleeping until gone 2pm. Which was a lovely treat. I can’t remember the last time i got a lie in like that. I did however have to get up at 7am to get Ben out of the spare room because the door handle had got jammed. But after that it was plain sleeping until 2.


So today I guess I was still on a bit of a high from having had such a fantastic time on Saturday night. I wish I could say the day carried on on a high. Nothing particularly bad happened – although I did have some solicitor issues with regards to my flat. But that was resolved with a few phone calls. I’m sure there will be some more issues to come but hopefully we will get there.

So, even though today felt like a long day, I’m still feeling pretty positive. Or at least, I’m not feeling as depressed as last week. And that has to be something!


Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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