Things I’m looking forward to

In an effort to try to be more positive (having been rather maudlin the last few days), I have decided to write down a list of things I’m looking forward to:

  • Viewing my flat for the second time to measure up and take photos (this afternoon at 2pm)
  • Getting an exchange/completion date – hopefully in the next couple of weeks
  • Having all of this moving/separation paperwork finally sorted – its all a bit of a headache
  • Getting the keys to my flat
  • Moving into my flat
  • Making the flat all lovely
  • Getting into a routine with the kids
  • USA Road trip in March
  • Going out a lot with friends
  • Getting fit and seeing a new body emerge – and with it, hopefully, a new mind!
  • Meeting someone new & dating
  • Maybe one day falling in love
  • Being in control of my environment – from my surroundings and how they look to my food budget and what goes in my fridge/cupboards

2 Thoughts on “Things I’m looking forward to

  1. I hope the flat viewing went well!
    It sounds like you have a lot to look forward to!

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