Musings on the future

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I’m feeling more positive today.
The mediation session on Tuesday was fine and we even went for a drink afterwards to chat about it.
The purchase of the flat is moving on. I had to re-do some forms because the person I got to witness my signature (my father in law) is retired. Which was a bit annoying and stressful until I figured out that the estate agent who is handling the sale of the flat could do it. It involved leaving work early to get to the office but other than that was easypeesee.
I’ve been thinking a lot about our upcoming trip to the US and contacting the sites we are stopping at along the way to see if we can get free entrance (in exchange for reviews) and I’ve had one response back which is great. We go in about 9 weeks which, if this week is anything to go by, will go by so quickly. We are a little worried about money as a lot of money is currently being spent on solicitors and fees and stuff. So if you are a millionnaire reading this and you want to throw some cash our way please feel free to use the Paypal donate button in the side bar! I promise to keep you all update along our journey. Hopefully my plan to write a book from it will still happen. I’d love it if it did. In fact, I’ve been thinking about the idea of making a book (maybe a chick-lit kind of novel) about my current situation. That might sell a few copies.
I’ve also been thinking about the flat – how I’m going to make it look, what it will be like to live on my own – only considering the positive aspects; like being able to watch a TV show uninterrupted and having the fridge and freezer stocked with only things I like (and the kids when they are with me of course). I’ve already picked out a sofa that I like and can imagine it there with some nice cushions. i’ve picked out a few things I’ll need on the Ikea website – like a small desk which should fit in my living room, a small dressing table, a few storage bits and pieces.
I’m very excited for it all to happen. My fresh start. My chance to be me. I know it will be lonely at times – particularly when its not my turn to have the children but what better time to throw myself into blogging – try to make a bit of money out of it, maybe find a few more blogging events I can go to.
Its just a waiting game now. Wait for the solicitors to do all the things they need to do. Then will come all the to-do’s that I’ve already started making lists of: people to notify, insurance to arrange, TV, phone, gas/electric/water to sort out.
Bring it on!

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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