Mediation appointment tonight

We have our mediation appointment tonight at 6pm. I am feeling out of sorts. Feels very final. Not that I don’t want it: to stay in our current state is not a good thing, help no matter how well we are all getting on. But it feels strange and I’m not feeling great. I nearly cried at lunchtime – and I’m just feeling listless and odd. So many years…. It’s hard not to be sad, as much as I am looking forward to the future – I’m also pretty damn scared!

Ben on the other hand is so focussed on money and the lack of it, that he seems not in the slightest bit bothered that this appointment is happening today and how scary that is (to me). Not having a dig. I guess he’s just focussed in a different direction than me.

I’m leaving at 5 even though I don’t think it will take me an hour to get there – the appointment is at 6pm. I guess I’ll just sit there and read my book.

2 Thoughts on “Mediation appointment tonight

  1. I think it is normal to feel how you feel, however well you are getting on and however amicable things are, ultimately you are still experiencing a loss that neither of you imagined would happen all those years ago. People grieve in different ways so I am sure you are right, Ben is simply grieving in a different way to you. Best of luck. Xx

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