Dreaming about holidays in Spain

I’ve been thinking a lot about holidays today. This came up in conversation with a friend over text messages. I said I thought I would probably go on holiday with my now ex-husband and the kids to Turkey and they asked me if that wouldn’t be strange. My answer was that it would be as strange as we make it. If I have a partner by then (planned date is 2016 as we already have our US trip planned for this year) then he could come too and the same with my husband and his partner if he has one too at that time.

But it got me thinking…. What if I wanted to take my kids on holiday on my own. Where would I go? Well the obvious choice for me is Mijas in Spain, buy cialis where my parents have a villa. Mijas is a beautiful little Andalusian village near Fuengirola – the nearest airport is Malaga, remedy some 50 minutes drive. But while you are in Malaga, ailment why not check out some of the sights. It is a beautiful city, with many attractions: The Picasso Museum, the Castillo de Gibralfaro and Malaga’s Catedral. More sights and excursion ideas can be found on this Lonely Planet page. If museums and castles aren’t your cup of tea, then there is plenty of culture to be found in the food scene. This Guardian Article is an interesting read as well as giving some suggestions of where to find the best places to eat in and around Malaga.

Back to the lovely little town Mijas. I haven’t been there for years but I’m told by my parents that it hasn’t changed a huge amount. Its still the little white-washed hillside village. The town relies quite heavily on tourism, featuring a few local historical museums and souvenir shops. It is also boasts many golf resorts if that takes your fancy.


I found this very interesting article on Trip Adviser – 57 Things to Do in Mijas so some very good ideas on there.

One of the things we used to do when my sister and I were kids, holidaying there during the summer, was Donkey rides:


There is also a water park – Parque Aquatico Mijas:


We enjoyed many a fun afternoon splashing about in that park.

But much of our time was spent wandering through the beautiful town, eating sugared nuts or icecream from one of the many streetside stalls and lazing around the pool in the sun. We also went horse-riding a few times which I absolutely loved – hacking through the hills, looking at the wonderful views and just soaking up the sun. I really have some wonderful memories from those times. I’d love to take the kids back there one day.



4 Thoughts on “Dreaming about holidays in Spain

  1. Oh…. I fancy that. But I guess as the Husband (estranged) if I came it would not count as going on your own.

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  3. Oh it looks lovely there. My mum and dad have a place near Murcia and the little man and I are going in 2.5 weeks!

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