Friends and depression

Where to start. I don’t want to go into details but I recently (yesterday) had a problem with a friend that I love with all my heart because I had got jealous over her relationship with other mums from school and I felt left out because I am not invited to things. I know my reaction was over the top and I should never have expressed it to her in a message when feeling at a very low ebb. This resulted in her being very upset and this is not something that I wanted.

This has knocked me for six because I’ve suddenly realised that I’ve been doing it again – relying on a friend so wholly for support and being totally engrossed in my own problems, not being a friend back. Then taking out my insecurities on them.

I know I can’t blame my depression entirely for this behaviour but I’m sure it has a part to play. I just hope my prescription for my new meds comes through soon which hopefully will help while I’m waiting for therapy sessions. I don’t want to be like this.

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  1. Sarah on November 4, 2014 at 13:16 said:

    I think when you are a working mummy, you do miss out on the social side. Lots of the school mums already know each other from baby classes etc and those friendships continue. I only collect them fro school once a week normally so I am not able to develop those friendships. X

  2. I’m only just getting to grips with the whole school gate thing but it seems clear that tribes do form and it’s so easy to feel left out of things – I’m definitely hearing you – I think I spend half my life feeling like that but maybe more of us do than you realise – especially in these days of watching the lives of others play out on Facebook and all the other social media platforms. X

  3. School playground politics – it never changes! I wish I had more friends too, I’m terrible at making them and keeping them. I just wish I had one or two good ones, who I could spend time with. I often feel so lonely.

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