Update from doctors

I’ve had a call from the doctor today and now I know a little bit more of what is going on.

They can’t confirm at this point whether I have bipolar 2 or just a combination of depression and anxiety that behaves in a similar way to bipolar – at least from my symptoms.

They are referring me and Ben for family therapy, me for private therapy (either group or one on one sessions) – she mentioned Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness and Behavioural Activation model – I need to look these up to find out further information.

Re medication they are going to try me on Quetiapine which is a medication that they use on bipolar disorder and other serious mental health conditions. I need to wean down off my Citalopram by 10 mgs. When I get to 30mgs (I’m currently on 40mg) I can start taking the Quetiapine, then carry on weaning off the Citalopram. I am going to continue on Pregabalin as before as this has been helping somewhat.

So now I wait for my doctors to contact me to say that they have received the referrals and the prescription request. Presumably I’ll need to go see my doctor before I pick this new medication up.

I am wondering if I should ask work if I can work from home while I start these meds. Or just see how I go and ask if I really need it. Its all a bit up in the air.

5 Thoughts on “Update from doctors

  1. Anonymous on October 29, 2014 at 20:17 said:

    I am so pleased for you. X

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  3. I can relate to your struggles. Thank you for sharing.

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