Sorry for all the reviews and an update on stuff

Started writing this on Saturday:

So, today we’ve had Joshua’s 6th Birthday party. It was pretty good. My mum and dad had it at their house. There were 9 kids including Joshua and Alara and they all had a whale of a time. So now we are sat on the sofa watching some TV (QI – not my choice – I prefer something much more bloody and gory – talking of which I am currently hooked on Supernatural…. which is perhaps why I haven’t been blogging much because every time I have a bit of quiet time to myself, I get my laptop open and watch some more Supernatural instead of blogging. Terrible, I know, but I love it).

What else? Work. Well, I’ve started a new job. You probably know that I lost my job a few weeks ago (or you might not because I don’t think I blogged about it), which was a bit of a knock to the old confidence. I had about a week and a half of being a mum and doing school drop off’s etc, then I did a week working in a call centre, and then I got the job that I’ve been doing this week – but I thought I would be starting the following week so I cancelled the temp job that I had been doing as I was told I would be starting on the following Tuesday (it was the Friday that I found out I had got the job) but it took a lot longer than the agency anticipated for the security and reference checks to come through. In the end they told me the 21st October, which was a bit of a problem as that would mean a week or so without pay. But in the end they told me on the Friday of that week that they wanted me to start on the Monday.

Tuesday 21st October. I am going to post this now. I really need to get into the habit of posting posts instead of saving them and assuming I’ll get back to them later. Because I just don’t. I will try to write another post later about what the situation is re my mental health issues.


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