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I have been asked to review Spot A Lot Animal Escape by Steve Smallman and Nicola Slater through Parragon Book Buddies.

This delightful book, that you can get on Parragon’s website for £2.99, brings together rhymes, colourful pictures and counting.

My only criticism of it (and this isn’t really a criticism) is that this book gets the kids so into the book and counting and finding the hidden animals, that if you had in mind a quick story before bedtime – so you could get to that glass of wine that has been calling to you since lunchtime – you will be disappointed. Selfish wine-related needs aside, this is a lovely book. Beautifully illustrated, cute rhyming. Overall a very enjoyable story and I’m sure it will be a regular story at bedtime at my house (although I may skip over some of the animal-related searching depending on how desperate for wine I am…) 🙂

Addition: Just to show how much Lala loves her book:


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