Preparing for new start – by changing my handbag

Tonight I have mostly been sorting out my handbag. I know I should have taken a picture of all the junk I got out of it but I forgot. Here is the bag I had before, which I love (from Clarks) but I’ve been using it since before BritMums (June) so I feel like it is time for a change. Here is the bag I have been using:


So I took everything out of it and moved aside anything that could be binned or I didn’t need in my bag and whittled it down to these items:


Which are:

  • Pack of tissues
  • Purse (in the end I replaced it with a much smaller one, but I know I will go back to the orange one as I love it)
  • Pens (I HAVE to have a supply of decent pens in my handbag)
  • My business cards
  • Pills (pregabalin & some anti anxiety ones that can be taken during panic attacks)
  • my notebook
  • my portable recharger
  • a spare pad for THOSE kind of emergencies
  • spare contact lenses x 2 pairs
  • a hair band
  • mascara (I rarely use it but I like to have it anyway)
  • a lipgloss
  • some hair grips
  • earphones

When picking a new bag I wasn’t exactly sure what to go for (I should say when picking I mean I went to my cupboard of handbags in Bella’s room to pick one that I have, instead of buying a new one as I don’t have any money and I don’t NEED more handbags anyway!). I had a look and I really wanted something smart and not heavy, so I went for my lovely little blue Radley, which I bought on eBay thinking I was getting a bargain only to find it was a really small size. It has plenty of pockets (which is always a great thing for me with handbags) but it’s an awkward size for fitting things in. You can’t have too big a purse. Or even a medium size purse for that matter. You need to have a tiny coin purse or you can’t fit other stuff in.


I hope you like the photos. I did them using an app I’ve been playing around with – hence why they are all different styles. I quite like the last one – with the shadow round it and the rounded edges.



Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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