Update on working and Mental Health status


So, I left my previous job on 16th September (2 weeks ago tomorrow). The last couple of weeks have been spent doing school drop off’s and pickups, searching for jobs and getting a few things done around the house. I went for an interview Monday last week and I was supposed to find out on Friday, but I have now heard today that they have gone with another candidate. I am a little sad, but I’m not terribly disappointed. In truth, I would have probably hated commuting to Reading again. On Friday, I started to get a little worried about money (partly as my salary came in and it was less than I expected – due to sick pay deductions I imagine). So I rang round a load of agencies Friday afternoon and I managed to get a temp job, which I am currently doing. I haven’t had much to do today as am waiting for a lot of my logins to be able to access the systems I need to access. The job is more basic than a lot of previous jobs I’ve done and the wages are not great but I’m actually still being paid by my last employer so this is just top up and actually from what I have seen I think I will quite like the work. I am basically taking calls (or will be when I’m set up), taking details of the calls and logging them in a database.

Mental Health

I had my appointment with the Mental Health team on Wednesday. My friend Daisy and I went together. There was no doctor there which was a bit of a disappointment but the appointment lasted for an hour. The two health workers took lots of notes and asked a lot of questions. They were due to discuss my “case” today and to let me know the result (ie whether I need a further appointment with a doctor, recommended change of meds, etc) either today or tomorrow. I really hope we get somewhere. The last couple of weeks have been much better – possibly due to less stress caused by going to work.

That’s it for now really. Nothing much to add. Oh, our rabbit got eaten by the fox. And I adopted a pigeon for about 3 days who flew into Bella’s window – but she has now flown the nest (my nest that I made her in a cat box). That’s pretty much it!

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  1. I’ve gone back to work now
    I am slowly getting there
    I return to CBT November

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