Anti-bucket List

Here is one I made earlier – and has been stuck in my inbox for yonks – possibly since summer 2013!! 

I have been reading some blog posts today and I came across a bucket list. And it made me think for a second – that’s a good idea for a blog post. Then I thought: the thing is I don’t like the idea of having a list of things you must or should do before you are whatever age…. I’m 36 (now 37!!!). I’m definitely not “past it” even if I do sometimes feel it…. And it doesn’t mean I won’t achieve or do some more fun things in the future (we are planning an epic US road trip with the kids in 2015) but I want to focus right now on what I’ve ACHIEVED so far. A virtual pat on the back if you will. So this is my Anti-Bucket List in no particular order!!!

  • Sang in a Blondie Tribute Band (playing Debbie Harry herself)
  • Went to Mexico on our honeymoon
  • Went on a road trip from New York to New Orleans (12 weeks pregnant)
  • Been to 18 festivals (or thereabouts) – maybe 19 now as this might have been before Glastonbury last year! 
  • Had cream tea in the savoy! (And saw Tom Jones)
  • Bought my first house at 21
  • Got married at 22
  • Gave birth (and survived) to 2 beautiful children
  • Lived in Thailand and Holland while I was growing up
  • Started my blog (and been doing it for 2 years this October)
  • Learnt a foreign language fluently
  • Seen both my children start school
  • Addition: seen first my first child lose his first tooth! 
  • Another addition: seen my first child swim unaided and do lots of under-water swimming


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Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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