Smashbook: Decorating my scrapbooking bag

This is a post that I started writing in the summer. It was a sunny bank holiday Friday I think and I felt arty and crafty so Lala and I (I think Ben might have taken Joshua out somewhere) had a bit of a craft-session in the sun.

I had started using my notebook as a scrapbook and felt like I needed somewhere to keep my stuff while I was travelling (in the end I took it all to Turkey on holiday but I didn’t use it – as I find I need to use photos on my pages. Anyway, here is the post:

So on Friday the weather was so nice that me and Lala decided to do some arty things in the garden. I had bought myself a simple toiletries bag for keeping my scrapbooking essentials in. I loved the style and layout of it but it was a bit plain. So I decided to decorate it.


Here is the bag with all my bits and pieces in it




My painting supplies – and the obligatory glass of wine!


My first few scribbles!


A few more flowers, a Hello Kitty and a pink ball with white spots!


Another flower and little tiger (a toy Joshua was very fond of)


Added some stick on flowers and gems and a bit more detail to little tiger.


Fun painting!

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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